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Dinner at Tony + Melissa’s

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On Saturday night after working up QUITE an appetite thanks to the Deval Patrick and Obama rally we attended earlier that day, Ray and I went to dinner at Tony + Melissa’s house (wonderful friends with amazing boys – Anthony + Alex).  Melissa had prepared a feast for us!  First, we had crostini with different toppings – roasted vegetables, olive tapenade, and sun-dried tomatoes… oh my!  Then she brought out an incredible home-made bread — how a woman with two sons under 3 has the ability to make bread at home is BEYOND me, but believe me, she does it well!!  Next, we had spaghetti with a hearty meat sauce.  It wasn’t just any meat sauce either, it was made with buffalo and turkey sausage.  A very nice change of pace from regular ground beef.  Now, meat sauces can often be really heavy and fill you up fast, but this one was light and had lots of pureed veggies to keep it tasting fresh and bright, and to keep us feeling healthy.  Simply delish!  Last, she served up an apple pie.  No Pillsbury piecrust to be found here… the one she made was good enough to eat on it’s own.  (I actually told her she should use leftover dough to make cinnamon + sugar twists.)  Mmmm.  We were totally spoiled and left feeling really lucky to have friends so wonderful (and so good in the kitchen!).

Happy eating!



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